Apr. 22nd, 2017

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Travel. Hmm, yes, that thing I used to do *g* In the past I have travelled in order to live in different countries.

1. Do you like traveling or are you counting the minutes until the transporter is perfected?
I have always wanted the transporter option, or teleportation. I don't particularly enjoy the act of travelling - being stuck in a seat on a train or an aeroplane for hours with nothing to do. I get antsy and lose the ability to sit and read after a couple of hours. Driving is better, but even so, not my favourite thing.

2. If you could visit any country in the world right now, where would you go?
It would have to be Canada, to see Sparrow, I think. A transporter would be brilliant for that because I could go over for a few hours and still get back in time for tea with DJ. *pauses to consider time zones and what time it would be in Canada when it is tea time here*

3. What is your favourite form of travel?
If forced, I would vote for the train for long distances. Walking or my bicycle for short ones.

4. What is the longest vacation/holiday that you’ve ever been on?
I can't remember. Two weeks camping in Europe as a child, I think.

5. Would you travel for a living?
Really, no! I hate not being home at night *g*

But right now, I really need to go out (travel by foot *g*) to the shops. It looks like it is turning into a lovely spring day.


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