May. 1st, 2017

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No Friday Five this week, so once again I have resorted to the archive of early posts.

1. If the world were to suddenly end right now, what do you wish you would have done?
Easy. Retired a couple of years ago, so I could have spent more time with DJ.

2. How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed?
My alarm goes off at 5 o'clock and I usually get up immediately. But since the day that I didn't, and didn't wake up again until gone half past, I do have a back-up alarm. That can encourage an indulgence to doze, but I do try to resist.

3. What cartoon do you enjoy watching from the present (or the past)?
Umm... I don't? Some of the recent animated movies are good fun, but 'cartoon' implies Tom & Jerry or suchlike on the telly and I don't. I liked The Magic Roundabout when I was a kid. Does that count?

4. If you could go to any time and/or place in history, where/when would it be?
Oh dear. Like Bill said on Doctor Who this week - isn't there a danger of stepping on a butterfly?
I had to really think about this one. The trouble with actually going back in time, it seems to me, is that you would be right in the thick of it and would not be able to see the "Grand Sweep Of History" (capitalised) so it would have to be to see the small things - the social interactions, the customs and costumes, the trades and crafts - rather than the big events. So, if I was certain of getting back and could convincingly dress up as a man, I suppose many times and places would be interesting to visit for a short while. It would have to be for a short while, though, since a slip up could easily have dire consequences - there were too many ways to die horribly in the past. There still are, but thankfully not so many in my part of the world, for which I am very grateful.

5. If your life were a movie, what would it be rated and why?
My life would make the most boring movie ever! And nobody, but nobody would want to watch it.
One thing is certain though - it would be rated U.

It's a bank holiday today, so having done the essential tasks around the house I am going to spend it productively beta'ing a short story for a Merlin writer I have been working with for a year or so. Then I am going to start the third of Dorothy Dunnett's Niccolo series, since I finished the second one at a far too late hour last night. Indulging in late reading is one of the joys of the weekend, even if I do still wake up at 5.30. *g*

And this post is my first attempt to cross-post from DW to LJ. Since my favourite com has moved over, I have resurrected my DW account and imported my LJ. It went through with no delay at all. I guess the rush is over.


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