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As [ profile] kazzy_cee said, [ profile] thefridayfive questions have not materialised (I don't believe it is my fault, because I just joined the com. Really I don't. *g*) but she borrowed some from [ profile] slaymesoftly, so I have borrowed them from her.

Under the cut:-

1. Do you have one spot in your house where you like to go and just dream?
Yes, where I am now, cross-legged on the sofa with my laptop. When I want to be alone, this is where I always come. When I have nothing else to do, this is where I gravitate to. When I can't sleep, this is where I end up.

2. Do you have a special blanket that you like to cuddle up in?
Yes. There is a craft warehouse not far away that sells just about everything cloth and paper craft related. I bought a length of fur fabric and some fleece material and made a wonderful warm blanket which is over my knees now.

3. If you could have one room in your house refurnished, which one would it be?
The question implies someone else to do it for me, which I would not like *g* However, I know that the living room is in need of a couple of new chairs to replace the broken down ones we are using at the moment. It is only inertia stopping us from doing something about it, but inertia is a powerful force, especially in the winter.

4. Did you have a good week?
It's Sunday; I can't remember last week.
*thinks hard*
There were a couple of lovely sunrises. On Thursday the clear, sharp, orange disc of the sun appeared from behind the church just as I got to the floor where my office is and had a clear view. Beautiful! I love it when the sun is like that because it reminds me of a particular sunset in Venice.

5. Do you have special plans for the weekend?
For the rest of the day? Mostly the usual Sunday chores (Saturday is my day of rest when I don't do anything I don't want to do.) I will do the supermarket shop, the washing, a bit of hoovering, make bread for the week, sort the recycling and water the plants. Then, as a reward, I will skype with [ profile] sparrow2000 this afternoon.

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